Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16-27

We are almost done with our class criteria chart of "What makes a Great SFML" We will go back to reading some stories we have already critiqued and discuss ways we could make it better.  We'll focus on my story, "In the Deep".  Students will do a reproduction with this story. (Reproduction: They will put the original story in order) They will add different craft elements to the story to see if it adds to the story or if it makes it worse. We will spend the next two weeks critiquing and revising stories in their study stack.

We are moving into non fiction. We will first focus on text features. Students will name and notice text features in non fiction and discuss the importance. We will then move into determining important facts and interesting facts.
I am still in the middle of DRA testing. Be on the look out for the reading conference rubric in their Tuesday folders.

Social Studies
We are finishing up map skills this week. Our focus this week is map scale. Students will make their map of the classroom. We will then move into land forms.

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