Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3-14

 Don't forget we have half days this Thursday and Friday.

We are officially starting our essay unit. Students have been working hard on finalizing their stories. I have a couple finishing up. For the next couple of weeks, students will read tons of essays. We will discuss what the author's opinion is, how they supported the opinion, and look how they structure their essay. We will start an anchor chart of what we are noticing.

This week our focus will be on authors purpose with non fiction. We will still use the text features to help us. We will still incorporate main idea and cause and effect. Students will work a non fiction passage this week for a grade. I expect the students to show me their strategies.
For book clubs, students will be reading biographies.

Social studies
We are continuing with learning about entrepreneurs. We will learn about people such as Mary Kay Ash, Sam Walton, Wallace Amos, etc. We will move on to spending and saving next week.

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