Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 29- Sept. 2

I have to say the first week of school was a great one. The kids did great learning the routines and procedures. 

This week our focus is generating ideas. I'll read various books about writing and generate a class list of ideas. Students will have a chance to story tell with a partner and in small groups. I'm hoping by telling stories, students will make connections to stories of their own. Students will free write during writer's workshop. 

"Reading is Thinking" is what we always say. We will discuss reading strategies and how to anchor our thinking using post it notes or our reading journal. I will model how I anchor my thinking and have students practice during reader's workshop. I'm hoping to start my DRA assessments by the end of the week. 

For our read aloud, I am reading the book, Oggie Cooder by Sara Weeks. I have told the kids, if they choose, to have their own copy to follow along and make notes in the margins. Please know this is optional and not a requirement. Here is the link to order from Amazon.

Social studies
We are still focusing on citizenship. We will discuss what good citizens do and how they can contribute to the community.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 22-26

This week is all about establishing routines, discussing classroom expectations, and getting to know one another. Students have been working on their "All About Me" posters. Please have your child bring a picture (real photo or printed) for their posters. I will be featuring a student a week on our classroom window.

This week is all about establishing reader's workshop. We will review different components such as just right books, reader's diet, classroom library expectations, and what it means to track our thinking. Students will engage in silent reading time. We will work on building our stamina as a class.
I will read with each student informally for the week. I will test students next week on their DRA.

We are establishing writer's workshop. We are setting up our binders, discussing what a writer is and does, etc. Students will start a bank of writing ideas to put in their binder. My goal is for students to add to their idea list as the year goes by. By the end of the week, students will write a piece of their choice.

Social studies:
Students will review what good citizens do and why it's important to display good citizenship.

Students have nightly reading. They need to read a minimum of twenty minutes each night. Students will have homework over the weekend. They will need to decorate a cover for their writing binder. I will send home the directions with the students tomorrow. 

I've enjoyed getting to know your kiddos so far. :)  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I welcome you all to third grade. It's going to be great year! I look forward to meeting everyone at "Meet the Teacher". Please refer to my blog through out the year for curriculum updates, news, resources, etc. I have posted the third grade schedule on the schedule page.  Please know we have lunch at 12:40 this year. With our lunch being so late, please have your child bring a snack. They need to bring a healthy, dry snack that will fuel their brain. 

I look forward to a fabulous year. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me.