Monday, November 13, 2017

November 13-17

 Don't forget about field day on Friday. If you plan on checking out your child afterwards, please see me or a third grade teacher to sign them out. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

We are going to take things slow. Instead of focusing our attention on craft (which we will still do in our shared read alouds) we are going to focus on storytelling and conferencing. I am going to put the kids in writing groups. They will get into their groups to storytell a SFML (story from my life) they plan on writing. From there, they will plan their story on the story arc. Students will then conference again in their writing groups to confirm their story has structure.

We are finishing up Traditional Literature this week. This week my plan is to review the reading benchmark with the kids. I've handed back their reading benchmark so they can see how they did and review questions they may have missed. I also plan on starting our next read aloud, " The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" by Kate DiCamillo. Love this book!

Social Studies
We are wrapping up our maps. Students will share their maps with a partner.

Monday, November 6, 2017

November 6-10

This week we are moving on to craft elements. We will name and notice craft elements in our read alouds and the stories we have already consumed. The craft elements we will focus on are: dialouge, inner thinking, backstory, descriptive details, and show/not tell. I encourage you when you are reading with your child at night, to point out the craft elements and discuss how it added to the story.

Grammar: We are reviewing adjectives this week. We are noticing how adjectives helps readers visualize. We are working on adding adjectives to our writing. Students will have a grammar test on Friday reviewing nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

We are having fun with traditional literature. Students have read myths, legends, fables, and fairy tales. They've been tracking their thinking with a graphic organizer.
Our focus this week is to teach the reading strategies. Students will have their first reading assessment on Thursday. They will read three passages and answer questions to go along with it.

Social Studies
The students are begging me this week for social studies time. They've been working on their island maps. Students had to create a map and include the following: key, compass rose, title, land forms, bodies of water, and overall presentation. I will hang the maps up in the hallway when they are finished. 

Don't forget the states test on Wednesday!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 30- November 3

This week students will do SFML reproduction activities. They will put together a story they haven't heard before and label the structure. We are noticing craft (backstory, dialogue, inner thinking, etc) in our reading. Slowly I will expect students to add craft to their stories.
Students will choose a SFML to write about. It can be a story they written in the past as long as they go back and revise it. I've stressed to the class the importance of conferencing with a group and myself.

Grammar: The students had a noun quiz this past friday. Overall, the kids did well. We introduced/reviewed verbs last week.We will look at verbs in isolation and within our reading. I encourage you to point out the parts of speech in their nightly reading.

We are moving on to Traditional literature. We will discuss the characteristics of traditional literature. We will read mythology, fables, legends, etc. On Friday, I will introduce the reading strategies using a traditional literature story.
Students are wrapping up their book clubs. I will put them in new books clubs based on student choice. 

Social Studies
We will work on a map project. Students will create their own map. They need to have a legend, compass rose, land forms, and cities. This project is always a lot of fun.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Remember Thursday and Friday are half days. We will dismiss at noon. I look forward to meeting to speaking with you all.

We are continuing with story mapping and marking up the text. This week our story is called, "The Yeller...or so I Thought" Students will label the structure in small groups.

Spelling: Students are taking home a spelling journal today. I introduced the spelling words for the week and we sorted the words together in their journal. They will take home their spelling journal so they can use it to help them study their spelling words. We will also use their spelling journal as a reference to help them spell during writer's workshop.

Grammar: We are continuing with nouns (common, proper, singular, and plural) this week. Grammar homework was passed out today. It will be due on Friday. We will go over the homework and place in the grammar section of their writing binder.

We are continuing with characterization and how characters change over time. Students will be assessed this week (hopefully if time permits) on characterization using their graphic organizer.
We will continue with book clubs. I have been so impressed in their active discussion skills. They are saying some great things about shared read aloud.

Social Studies
We are continuing with map skills.

Monday, October 9, 2017

October 9-13

Happy Columbus Day!

Our focus for the next couple of weeks will be to map stories. Students will read the story, " The Yeller...or so I Thought" First students will do a first read and mark it up. Then they will read it again looking to see how the story is structured. (looking at the STS, IE, RA, Climax, FA, and Resolution).
We will map the story on the story arc.

Yay, we are officially starting grammar! For the next two week, students will learn/review common/proper nouns and singular/plural nouns. Students will receive grammar homework next week on Monday. They will have a grammar test over nouns, but that won't be until Friday, the 27th.

Students will have their spelling test this Friday over the triple R blends. 

We have been diving into realistic fiction. This week we will look how characters change over time and how specific events change the character. I will introduce a new graphic organizer to them and we will practice using it.
Reader's workshop: Students will continue to read, track their thinking, and participate in book clubs.

Social Studies
We are having fun with maps this week. We will look over latitude/longitude, map skills, and review land forms. Our final project will be to create their own maps with a key, compass rose, land forms, etc.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 2-6

I look forward to meeting some of you this week for the start of October conferences. 

This week our focus is on story mapping. We will read a story together as a class. We will
"mark it up" meaning we will read it first discussing what that story was about and take notes. We will then read it for a second time to map the story on the story arc. The focus is for students to see how stories are structured. (Setting, initiating event, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution).

We are starting our second read aloud, "Oggie Cooder" by Sarah Weeks. I love this book! It's a great book to discussion characterization, motivation, and how characters change over time. We will track our thinking together as class and write reading responses.

Social Studies
We are moving on to government. We will read the Social Studies Weekly news article together as a class and take notes in our journal.

Spelling: Spelling words will be passed out tomorrow. The students have two weeks to study their words.

Monday, September 25, 2017

September 25-29

This week students are writing their stories from the life. This is an informal writing piece. It will give me a chance to see where I need to start our writing instruction as a class. It's been nice to see the students conference with each other for help.

I am currently assessing the students reading this week. I will test their fluency, accuracy, and comprehension. I'll share this data with you all during our October conferences. During reader's workshop, students are expected to track their thinking in their reading journal. We have done this as a class with our class read aloud, "Third Grade Angels".
We are starting a new class read aloud, "Oggie Cooder" by Sarah Weeks. I showed the kids last week how I mark up the text in the book. They were a little shocked that I was writing in the book itself. If your child would like their own book to mark up the text, here is the link to order from Barnes and Noble.
Please know purchasing the book is optional. I do read under the document camera so the kids can see the text. I like to pause and notice things authors do in their writing.

Social Studies
We are finishing up our "Where in the World Are You" unit this week. Students took notes in small group and will finish up on their own.