Monday, April 30, 2018

April 30-May 4th

Kona Ice will be here Wednesday. Please turn in your 2.00 before/on Wednesday morning. 

Katherine Applegate will be here Friday. Can't wait! If you would like a signed copy of her book, please return the info sheet by Wednesday. 

This week we are brainstorming ideas for our essays. The fourth graders will also be visiting our classes to help with ideas. It's great to see the collaboration. My goal is for the students to pick a topic by Friday. 

Grammar: Commas in a series 
Spelling: Suffixes

Spelling and grammar test on Friday.

We are reviewing non fiction text features and their purpose. For the next two weeks, we will read short texts and focus on STAAR like questions. 
I'm continuing with DRA assessments. The kids have all done great! 

Social Studies
Please remember the states test on Wednesday. If your child has lost the study sheet, please look on the homework tab for the list of third grade states. On Thursday, I will go over Market day. Be prepared! The kids will be consumed with market day. :)

Monday, April 23, 2018

April 23-27

We are going to pay close attention to how authors support their claim. My goal is to discuss transition words, examples to support their reasons, and participate in some shared writing. The class definitely has the structure down. 
Here's our class anchor charts: 

Grammar: Commas in a series
Spelling: Suffixes 

We are reviewing literary non-fiction. We read the a literary non-fiction piece called, "Blood, Smoke, and Freedom" last week. This week we are working on the three core questions with non-fiction. Q1: What is this about? Q2: What was new to me? and Q3: Why is this important?

Reader's workshop: For book clubs we are reading books by Andrew Clements. Students will be reading and tracking their thinking. My goal is for them to work on their discussion skills and supporting their thinking with evidence from the book. 
I will start DRA's next week and will continue through May.

Social Studies
We are continuing with Economy. We will discuss goods and services. We will also study the five states that have been added to the students states test.

Monday, April 9, 2018

April 9-13

Hope you all had a great weekend!

This week we will make a characteristic chart on the structure of essays. Students will do some reproduction activities with essays which allows them to review the structure. (Introduction, claim, support, and conclusion)

Spelling: Prefixes (dis, mis, and pre)
Grammar- Subject/Predicate

We are finishing up reviewing poetry and the characteristics. We will continue reading "Runaway Twin" and marking up the text. Students finished up their book club book and will share their thoughts with the class.

Social Studies
Goodness, the kids were beyond excited today. Students received a fake occupation and income. They will budget their money and see if they need to make any changes such as reduce their housing payment, entertainment, etc.

Monday, April 2, 2018

April 2-6

I hope everyone had a great three day weekend! 

The students are doing well on learning the parts of an essay. They definitely have an opinion on whether they agree or disagree with the author. By the end of the week, we will do a reproduction activity over an essay. Students will put the parts together and label them. 

Grammar: Subject/Predicate
Spelling: Prefixes 

We are reviewing poetry. We will review the poetry characteristics and figurative language. We will do a poetry passage together this week. I'm also going to review theme this week.
We are starting our new read aloud, "The Runaway Twin" today. It's always exciting to start a new read aloud. We will take notes, make predictions, and mark up our thinking. 

Social Studies
We are reviewing our entrepreneurs this week. Students will finish presenting their person and put their book together. 

Monday, March 26, 2018

March 26-30

Hope you all have a great three day weekend! 

We are continuing to consume essays. My goal this week is for students to understand how essays are structured. 

Grammar: Subject/ Predicate. We will discuss how to write complete sentences and labeling the subject/predicate. 

Spelling: This week words are prefixes. We will discuss what a prefix is and what they mean. I'm expecting the kids to write their words in cursive on the spelling test. I will take a handwriting grade as well. Please have your child practice writing them in cursive. 

We are wrapping up our fiction review. Last week we reviewed how to write a summary. This week we are reviewing main idea, inferences, and theme. Students will also do some vocabulary work. They have two grades this week. A vocab quiz based off the story, "Lost and Found" that we read together and discussed. I will also take a readers observation grade based off of reader's workshop. 

Social Studies
We are continuing with entrepreneurs. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

March 19-23

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great spring break. I've heard from a couple of students so far and it sounds like you all had a blast.

Here's what's going on for the week.

This nine weeks we are studying a new genre: Essay! We will be consuming essays. We will discuss the authors purpose, structure, and discuss/argue our opinions on certain topics. This is always a fun genre because the kids get so excited sharing their opinion. I want to make sure the kids are arguing their claim with support.

Grammar: Test this Friday over conjunctions..
Spelling:  Y + inflected endings. Test on Friday.

We will review fiction for the next two weeks. We will look at vocabulary, main idea, cause/effect, etc. We will work with the story " Lost and Found" from Storyworks Jr. Towards the end of the week, I will take their first reading grade using the story, "Lost and Found".
During reader's workshop, I am reviewing the practice STAAR test with students individually. We will review the questions missed and strategies.

Social Studies: Economics
This nine weeks is all about economy. For the next two weeks we will discuss what an entrepreneur is, traits to describe them, and entrepreneurs of the past. We will study Mary Kay Ash, Wallace Amos, Milton Hershey, Sam Walton, and Henry Ford.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

February 26- March 9th

We are done with the practice STAAR. YAY! The kids did such a great job. They took their time and used their strategies. I think they were shocked in how boring it was after the test. LOL. 

We will finish up our book clubs next week. I'm hoping to finish our shared read aloud. "How to Steal a Dog". I'm loving this book and the kids are too. 
During reader's workshop, I plan to start reviewing the STAAR test with the students. This will go into the end of March. 

I am so impressed to see how the kids writing has grown this year. When I think about the first story they wrote at the beginning of the year to now.... WOW! The kids are saying things like, "You're story needs more tension or Let's build the character here" The students are able to notice this in the books we read. I encourage you when you're reading with your child, to ask them what they think/or notice about the writing. Students are finishing up their story. We will work on typing them if time permits.

Spelling: Spelling words will be passed out next week. The test will be after spring break. 

Social Studies
We are learn about Todd Beamer next week. We will read about him together and then answer some questions in whole group. 

Have a great Spring Break!!!