Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14-18

Students are starting to work on their SFML. They finished their story arc last week. This week students will share their story arc with a partner and me to make sure they have clear structure. From there, students will work on their rough draft. I plan on having students share their rough draft for us to give feedback.

For reading we have started the book, "The One and Only Ivan". We will be reading this book closely discussing character traits, pulling important information, inferring, etc. Students will take notes in their journal as we go along.
The students took their reading benchmark last week. I have shared the grades with them today. I will be pulling them into small groups to go over the questions they have missed.

Social Studies
We have started historical figures this week. Students need to know how these figures helped shaped the community. Students will get into small groups to rotate around the room reading different sources and filling out their graphic organizer. Students will choose one of the figures to do a class project on.

Last Friday I passed out a states letter. Students will be tested over first and second grade states when they get back from Thanksgiving. A word bank will be given to them.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 7-11

I hope everyone had fun at auction. It was great to see everyone outside of school and everyone looked gorgeous!

This week we will do one last reproduction of an unfamiliar story. Students will put the story back in order and label the structure. My main goal is to see students label the structure correctly. We will be moving to the critiquing phase of CCP.  We will look at two versions of a SFML (story from my life). We will look at a base version which just has the structure. Then we will look at another version that will contain craft. We will have discussions on how the craft impacted the story.
Students will start thinking about their own story. I want them to think about what they want to wrtie about and story tell with a partner. The key is to make sure their story has an initiating event and climax.

We have a reading benchmark on Thursday. My goal is to teach the reading strategies that will help them on the test. We will talk about pulling the important details from the text, proving our answers, eliminating answer choices, etc.
Students are currently reading traditional literature in book clubs and on their own during reader's workshop. They are to finish their graphic organizer to turn in for a grade.

Social Studies
We will discuss digital responsibility to continue our digital learning. We focus on one digital lesson a month. Then we will move on to Benjamin Franklin.