Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16-27

We are almost done with our class criteria chart of "What makes a Great SFML" We will go back to reading some stories we have already critiqued and discuss ways we could make it better.  We'll focus on my story, "In the Deep".  Students will do a reproduction with this story. (Reproduction: They will put the original story in order) They will add different craft elements to the story to see if it adds to the story or if it makes it worse. We will spend the next two weeks critiquing and revising stories in their study stack.

We are moving into non fiction. We will first focus on text features. Students will name and notice text features in non fiction and discuss the importance. We will then move into determining important facts and interesting facts.
I am still in the middle of DRA testing. Be on the look out for the reading conference rubric in their Tuesday folders.

Social Studies
We are finishing up map skills this week. Our focus this week is map scale. Students will make their map of the classroom. We will then move into land forms.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jan. 3-13

Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone had a fantastic and restful break. As much as love being home, I was ready to get back to work. I'm very much a routine person and I missed the kids. :)

Here's what's happening for the next two weeks. 

We are wrapping up poetry for the next two weeks. Students have learned about figurative language such as similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification, hyperbole, etc. We have read different types of poems while marking up the text. Students will have a poetry quiz next week on Thursday. This will be an open notes quiz. Students will be able to use their poetry packet which they have written various notes on.

My goal is to finish our class read aloud, "The One and Only Ivan". We are finally getting into the meat of the story. We've noticed the author has put in a lot of backstory in her writing. We are still trying to figure out what Ivan's plan is. I hope the kids are enjoying the book as much as I am.
DRA testing starts next week. I'm starting a little early. At this point in time, students need to be on a level 34. I'll be sending home a rubric based on their reading conference. Please look for this in their Tuesday folder in the next couple of weeks.

Last month our focus was on craft elements. This week we will create a criteria chart for SFML. We will spend our time on critiquing. We will look at different student pieces and work together as a class or in small groups in how to improve the story using craft.
During writer's workshop, students will have a choice to either write a collection of poems or a fiction piece for their next writing grade. They will have two weeks to work on this. I will hand the rubric ahead of time so they know my expectations.

Social Studies:
This nine weeks our focus is on geography. We will spend our focus on learning map skills for now. Students will review the parts of a map and learn about latitude and longitude. Students will practice using their map skills. 
We will have another states test but this won't be until February. I will send out another study guide in the beginning of February.

Look ahead: We have a field trip coming up on January 25th to Moody Gardens. Field trip forms will be coming home soon. This is a trip where parents are invited. You must be cleared volunteer in order to join. Please check with the front office to make sure you are cleared.

Save the date: Mrs. Belcher and I will hold two writing camps this summer. One will be a Fractured Fairy Tale camp (June 12-16) and the other will be a Poetry camp (July 10-14). I will send more info on Friday.