Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 20-24

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great spring break.

The students have been working really hard on their story from my life. They first wrote a base story (first draft). I graded their first draft for structure only. They are now working on revising the first draft. They've been conferencing with several peers and myself about their story. I'm so proud to see the students using each other for help. They are giving each other some great advice and giving specific details. Instead of hearing..." You need more details"... I'm hearing " You can can put some inner thinking right here in the rising action. For example...( they then give a specific inner thinking example)." I can't wait to see the difference in their final version. I will have the kids edit their papers before typing the final version on the computer.

For the fourth nine weeks, we are moving on to essays. We will read several essays together and notice how they are structured. We won't write an essay until the end of the nine weeks.

We are continuing with non fiction. Our focus is noticing how the text features help us, pulling out the main ideas, and summarizing the text. Students are also working on writing responses to their book of choice during reader's workshop.
We have wrapped up the book, "How to Steal a Dog". So sad because I love this book. Students will start on a project to wrap this book up. I introduced it today to my homeroom class. I think the kids were really interested.

Social Studies
We are moving on to Economics for social studies. We will start this week with discussing people who have impacted our economy and improved our communication through the decades.