Sunday, April 30, 2017

May 1-12

Can't believe it's already May! Where has the time gone?

STAAR will be on May 8th and 9th. Students will do the math test first on Monday and then the reading test on Tuesday. We will begin testing promptly at 8:30. Please make sure your child arrives to school on time. It's important for the students to get plenty of rest the night before and eat a good breakfast. They are going to do great!!!

The kids have done well learning the parts of an essay. Students will make up essays looking for the different parts. This will be done more in small group or with partners. I will move on to reproductions. (Students will get an essay out of order and will have to put the structure back together) I will have the students write an informal essay for a grade.
Third grade will be hosting a publishing party. The students will choose their best SFML they wrote this year. We will display their writing in the rotunda. The date will be May 22 at 1:45. A formal invitation will soon be sent out.

We are reviewing our last genre, non-fiction, this week to prepare for the test. We will review strategies and question stems.
I have started my DRA testing. I will be testing for the next month to see their end of year reading level. Right now, students need to leave third grade on a level 38. So far, the students have done great.

Social Studies
We are still reviewing the vocabulary that goes along with economy. We will discuss how to run a business and things that effect our economy.
We will have "Market Day" coming up soon. This is where students will come up with their own business idea, advertise their business, and sell their good/or service. Some of the kids have been asking a lot of questions. I promise to go everything after the STAAR test.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 17-28

We have been consuming essays. We have read essays debating about whether we should give up our Halloween candy, if trampolines are dangerous, and if all kids should receive trophies when playing sports. The kids definitely have strong opinions to share and are learning how to support their claim. This week my focus is for students to understand how essays our structured. Students will learn the four parts of an essay: introduction/lead, claim/central idea, support points, and conclusion. We will continue to consume essays focusing on the authors opinion and their support points.

We are starting to review the genres that will be tested on the STAAR test. This week we are reviewing the characteristics of fiction. We will work on a fiction passage together. I will send home homework this week for students to practice their strategies.
Next week we will review poetry. We will read poems together and discuss what the author is saying.
Students are continuing to meet in their book clubs. They should finish their biography book club by next week. 

Social studies
We are learning the key vocabulary that comes along with Economics. We will discuss reasons why to save our money and how to budget our money. Next week we will discuss consumers and producers.

Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3-14

 Don't forget we have half days this Thursday and Friday.

We are officially starting our essay unit. Students have been working hard on finalizing their stories. I have a couple finishing up. For the next couple of weeks, students will read tons of essays. We will discuss what the author's opinion is, how they supported the opinion, and look how they structure their essay. We will start an anchor chart of what we are noticing.

This week our focus will be on authors purpose with non fiction. We will still use the text features to help us. We will still incorporate main idea and cause and effect. Students will work a non fiction passage this week for a grade. I expect the students to show me their strategies.
For book clubs, students will be reading biographies.

Social studies
We are continuing with learning about entrepreneurs. We will learn about people such as Mary Kay Ash, Sam Walton, Wallace Amos, etc. We will move on to spending and saving next week.